Wo ja rahe the, par hamne unhe roka nahin..
unhone dekha un teekhi nazro se, par ye nazrein uthi nahin..
fir aayi wahi dilkash muskaan un labon pe, par ham mano k patthar the..
wo samjhe k ab ye dil dhadakta nahi, aur is dhadakte dil ki bebasi ne alvida keh diya…


Modi Government’s ‘Acche Din’ are inevitable.. maybe for our kids!

The Modi government have ‘successfully’ completed an year. The mindset of majority of literates is that the government, Modi in particular, is doing a fantastic job. One thing is evident that given the new government, India will become a superpower sooner than what was expected earlier. But should the race of becoming a superpower or the agenda of development be Modi’s top priority?

Contrary to the opinion of the middle or upper class of the nation, the poor are rather disappointed. To many of these people, Congress government was better and if they alone evaluates Modi, maybe he will not even get passing marks. The pro-Modi may not believe this or may say that it is not possible to please everybody and we should try to see the larger picture.. towards the future! But the question is, whose future??

‘India will be a superpower’, we have been hearing this from years, isn’t Modi only acting as a catalyst in an inevitable process and seek the credit. India will definitely be as prosperous as United States, but for our children.. what about the people starving today? this hour? this minute? Have these people not voted for the government, hoping that they will find something for them in the budget basket? The drives for cleanliness, girl child encouragement, etc are really appreciated, but seems to the poor as ‘badi-badi batein’. Can’t there be measures which can focus on the sharply widening rich-poor gap?

How is it that the agenda of every government becomes its top or only priority, can’t there be more balance between the vision of different governments? Maybe Congress introduced measures similar to Food security bill, closer to the elections time but should we expect same from Modi government? An example of what government can do is to provide subsidised food and other basic things to the family which sends their children or maybe girl child to school. This might have better results for the people who don’t even have a phone to take ‘selfie’ with their daughters.
Modi should soon realize that ‘Mann ki baat’ is no more a sedative for the hungry bellies!!